Xestoleptura nigroflava Fuss, 1852

Catalog Lepturinae LepturiniXestoleptura nigroflava Fuss, 1852

Xestoleptura nigroflava Fuss, 1852

family CERAMBYCIDAE Latreille, 1802
subfamily Lepturinae Latreille, 1802
tribe Lepturini Latreille, 1802
genus Xestoleptura Casey, 1913
nigroflava Fuss, 1852

Xestoleptura nigroflava Fuss, 1852



The depicted beetle is probably the most mysterious European longhorn beetle. The first specimen of this interesting species was collected in Rumania (Cibinului Mts.) and described as Grammoptera nigroflava 150 years ago (by Füss in 1852). Since then no other finds of the species were reported and therefore it was practically forgotten and ignored in the twentieth century. The species has only been mentioned in "Fauna Republicii Populare Romine", Vol. X, Fasc. 5, (Panin et Savulescu), which appeared in 1961. In this work the species was cited as Leptura (Anoplodera) nigroflava (Füss, 1852).

The second specimen has recently been found in a locality situated close to the type one (Lotrului Mts.) by a Czech entomologist. The proper classification in the tribe Lepturini (genera, subgenera res.) of the species is under study (Dr. S. Kadlec, in litteris).

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Xestoleptura nigroflava Fuss, 1852

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