Asias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974

Catalog Cerambycinae PurpuriceniniAsias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974

Asias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974



Body length: 10 - 15 mm

Life cycle: 2 years [?]
Adults in: June
Host plant: Ephedra cf. intermedia
Distribution: endemic species to Iran
The depicted beetles were collected in Golestan forest 45 km NE Minudast (prov. Khorasan, NE Iran).


Asias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974 was described from Golestan Forest (Iran) according to 14 specimens reared from larvae. However, the name of the host plant was not given in the original description but published later by Rejzek et al. (2003). The host plant was determined as Ephedra cf. intermedia Schrenk et C. A. Mey (Ephedraceae). To the best of our knowledge the species has not been recorded again since its description. The depicted beetles were collected in the type locality together with larvae and the host plant.

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Asias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974

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